How we go from concept to reality

An Idea is Born

The first step is to reach out through our contact page with an idea.  It can be as vague as “I want a new piece of furniture for my house,” as specific as “I want a mid-century modern lounge chair made out of walnut with these dimensions…” or anything in between.  It’s OK if you don’t have the entire picture of what you want in your head – we’ll help you get there.

Concept Design collaboration

After receiving your message, we’ll reach out to start discussing your project. If you have an examples of styles or pieces you like, and pieces you don’t, that will help. Depending on your location, we will likely visit you or have a video call to get measurements and a feel for the space. This stage ends with a concept design and directional budget.  A directional budget is a ballpark figure to make sure we are on the same page.  We do our best on the directional budget, but we still have details to decide in our final design that can change where we end up with the final quote.

Final Design

Once we land on a concept design and directional budget, we’ll ask for a design deposit of 10% of the directional budget to move forward.  From their, we’ll start putting the details into the design. During this phase more than any it’s important to get your feedback – don’t be shy, we won’t be offended if any of the details are not what you are looking for. We will send updates and get your feedback until we land on the final design for production and a quote.


Once we land on the final design and quote, we’ll ask for a deposit of 50% of the quoted price.  The design deposit will be credited towards this 50%.  We’ll let you know where your project is in the queue and start updating you along the way as we reach milestones and get closer to completion.

Completion and delivery

Finally the day will come when your vision becomes tangible.  As we lead up to the final touches, we will coordinate the delivery.  Depending on your location, that may be in person or through a freight partner.  At this time, we’ll collect the remaining balance to the quote and deliver or ship your new piece.

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